The taster group is intended for children aged 1 to about 2 years. Here, 10 children are lovingly accompanied, supported, and cared for in their daily lives by three experienced professionals with Montessori diplomas.

The premises and the garden area have been specially prepared and set up for children in this age group. This provides our youngest ones with a protected environment for themselves.

A concept carefully designed for the age- and development-oriented needs of the children, the taster group, together with the moon group on the upper floor, almost creates a familiar space for our youngest children.

The primary educational goal in the small, mixed-age group is to build a positive and firm bond between the child, the educators, the group, and the new environment. This bond is considered a prerequisite for gaining trust and security in the new community. In this group, we lay the foundation (building on the family education) for the further acquisition and development of the children's practical and social skills. These newly acquired skills and abilities are skillfully implemented and consolidated by our youngest ones in everyday kindergarten life. Later, they facilitate the children's transition to the other groups.

The familiarization of our youngest children is based on the Berlin familiarization model (,

Depending on their level of development and the group constellation, the taster children may move to a different group within the house after one year. Throughout the year, we observe, reflect on, and document the children's developmental phases with the parents. Based on this, we decide in which group (moon, sun, or stars) your child can further develop their skills and abilities.

Our groups

In the moon group, up to 15 children between the ages of 2 and 3 are cared for by four experienced professionals. 

The kindergarten routine of the moon group includes the balanced components of Montessori pedagogy, elements of psychomotor skills, as well as language support applied in a playful manner. The facilities and garden area are tailored to the needs of children under three years old. 

Through a shared, similarly elaborated concept, the moon and shooting star groups on the upper floor almost provide a familial space for our youngest children. Here, children have enough time and many opportunities to discover, develop, implement, and solidify their own potentials. This protected space, as well as the accumulated experience, facilitate the children's daily life when they later change groups. 

Depending on their level of development and group constellation, the children of the moon group may switch groups internally after a year. We closely observe the children and thoroughly document the stages of their development. 

Only then are children assigned to another group (sun or stars), where they can further develop their acquired competencies and skills.

Opening hours

Mon-Thu 7 am - 4:15 pm

Fridays 7 am - 3 pm

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